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Nickel-catalyzed isomerization of olefins

Dr. Caio Costa Oliveira

Date: 03/30/22 - 10h (BRT)


Use of C-H oxidation reactions in total synthesis

Dr. Emilio Carlos de Lucca Júnior

Date: 02/09/22 - 10h (BRT)


Mechanochemistry in green synthesis: organic and coordination

Dr. Ivani Malvestiti

Date: 01/19/22 - 10h (BRT)


The synthesis of drugs and medicinal chemistry in support of the most important SUS diseases 

Dr. Nubia Boechat Andrade

Date: 12/15/21 - 10h (BRT)


Chiral chromatography by LC: a tutorial 

Dr. Quezia B. Cass

Date: 11/24/21 - 10h (BRT)


Monastrol: 22 years old 

Dr. Vera Eifler-LIma & Dr. Itamar Gonçalves

Date: 11/10/21 - 10h (BRT)


Search for bioactive compounds and process development using photoredox catalysis and organocatalysis 

Dr. Fernanda G. Finelli

Date: 10/20/21 - 10h (BRT)


Entrepreneurship in Chemistry: CNPq Scholar  transformed the bench project into a company with 9-digit market value 

Dr. Bruno Mena Cadorin

Date: 10/06/21 - 10h (BRT)


Affinity selection and native MS in early stage drug discovery 

Dr. Fernando Almeida - OMass Therapeutics - UK

Date: 09/08/21 - 10h (BRT)


The role of bioanalytical in rare diseases 

Dr. Nilson Antônio de Assunção

Date: 08/25/21 - 10h (BRT)


Electrochemical (Bio)sensors for Detection of Environmental Contaminants

Dr. Adriana Nunes Correia

Date: 08/11/21 - 10h (BRT)


Photo- and Electrocatalysis Under Continuous Flow Conditions: Contributions of the LBQO-UFSCar 

Dr. Kleber Thiago de Oliveira

Date: 07/28/21 - 10h (BRT)


Screening of enzymatic ligands: use o biochromatography and onflow bioassays

Dr. Carmen L. Cardoso

Date: 07/07/21 - 10h (BRT)


Photocatalysed Hydrogen Atom Transfer (HAT) Reactions as a tool for C-H activation.

Dr. Pedro H. R. de Oliveira

Date: 06/30/21 - 10h (BRT)


Electrosynthesis of organic compounds via anodic oxidation reactions using inert sacrificial electrodes.

Dr. Guilherme A. Machado Martins

Date: 06/16/21 - 10h (BRT)


Virtual search of natural Mpro SARS-CoV-2 inhibitors among natural products with dual anti-inflammatory and antiviral activities. A perspective of drugs discovery against COVID-19.

Dr. Louis P. Sandjo

Date: 06/09/21 - 10h (BRT)


Peptoids synthesis based on Ugi reaction for application in medicinal chemistry.

Alexander Fernández de la Torre - Universidad de Concepción - Chile

Date: 05/26/21 - 10h (BRT)


Furfural transformation over zeolites: control of textural and acidic properties to improve the selectivity to more valuable products.

Dr. Domingos S. A. Silva

Date: 05/12/21 - 10h (BRT)


Bioelectrochemical, sustainable bioenergy and the electron transfer reactions in biological systems. 

Dr. Frank Crespilho

Date: 04/28/21 - 10h (BRT)


Preparation of carbonyl compounds alfa-functionalized from sulfur ylids.

Dr. Antônio C. B. Burtoloso

Date: 04/14/21 - 10h (BRT) 


Exploring new frontiers in natural products: chemical signaling in symbiont systems.

Dr.  Monica T. Pupo 

Date: 04/07/21 - 10h (BRT)


Mechanochemistry for sustainable chemistry.

Dr. Silvio D. Cunha

Date: 03/31/21 - 10h (BRT)


Polymer Recycling: challenges and possible solutions.

Prof. Sandra Cruz 

Date: 03/17/21 - 10h (BRT)


Application of continuous flow techniques on Ugi and Passerini multicomponent reactions.

Dr. Carlos Kleber Z. de Andrade 

Date: 12/16/20 - 10h (BRT)


Mechanistic aspects and reactivity of electron-donor-acceptor complexes in the development of new photoinduced synthetic methods. 

Dr. Márcio W. Paixão

Date: 11/25/20 - 10h (BRT)


Materials for a sustainable world. 

Dr. Aldo J. G. Zarbin

Date: 10/21/20 - 10h (BRT)


Green chemistry, sustainability and basic education. 

Dr. Rafael Alberto Moretto

Date: 10/08/20 - 10h (BRT)


Use of industrial waste for the development of versatile materials applied in environmental processes.

Dr. Suellen Aparecida Alves

Data: 09/23/20 - 10h (BRT)


Quinones: a fight between good and bad or somewhere in the middle?

Dr. Marília Oliveira Fonseca Goulart

Date: 09/09/20 - 10h (BRT)


Discovery of New Drug Candidates for Malaria.

Dr. Rafael V. C. Guido

Date: 08/19/20 - 10h (BRT)


Ways for innovation.

Dr. Rafael V. Aroca

Date: 08/05/20 - 10h (BRT)


The synthesis of drugs and medicinal chemistry in support of the most important SUS diseases 

Dr. Nubia Boechat Andrade

Date: 12/15/21 - 10h (Horário de Brasília)

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