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Parr 5500

Reator Compacto Parr 5500Compact Reactor Parr 5500

50 mL Vessel, MAWP 3000 psi @ 350°C, mounted in compact frame structure, made of T316SS steel, with flexible graphite gasket for 350°C, magnetic stirrer in steel T316SS, variable speed motor , 1/17 hp, 0-600 rpm, manometer, rupture disk and 0-3000 psi pressure transducer, aluminum block heater, reactor controller 4848B, PID controller including tachometer module, motor speed control, pressure module, temperature module Limit and module with cooling valve, with spare parts kit, RS485 communication cable with USB converter, reflux condenser, ASME certification, teflon cup for 50 mL, glass for 50 mL, pot 4766, volume of 300 mL, mobile head , MAWP 3000 psi @ 350°C, made of alloy steel C276, pressure gauge, needle valve, rupture disk, thermocouple, double valve in immersion tube, with heating mantle 230 V.


 Agenda fo use of the equipment: