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Technological Innovation

Technological innovation is one of the goals of CERSusChem. In the third year of the Center (2018) we gathered 34 activities (directly or indirectly) associated with the process of technology transfer. The results are illustrated in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Activities in Technology Transfer

 Among the 34 activities of technology transfer 2 were related to confidentiality agreement (about collaborative projects), 9 dealt with symposiums/congress and 23 actions were projects.

In relation to the 23 projects, they were classified in activities that have been or are being executed and those that are still being discussed and formalized. The projects were ordered also based on source of resources. The graphic at figure 2 allow a better understanding of the characterization of these projects.

Figure 2:  Projects executed and under discussion.

Activities related to the process of technology transfer of CERSusChem occurred in the four universities of the Center as following:

  • 2 confidentiality agreements (at UFSCar);

  • 9 events/Congresses (7 of UFSCar and 2 UNESP);

  • Actions related to 23 projects execução (18 da UFSCar, 1 UNICAMP, 1 UNESP, 3 USP)