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Workshop “policies for chemical waste management”

The Centre of Excellence for Research in Sustainable Chemistry (CERSusChem) and the Chemistry Graduate Program (PPGQ) of the Department of Chemistry (DQ) from UFSCar were the sponsors of a workshop which aimed to propose new policies for chemical waste management at the University .

Maria Cecilia Henrique Tavares Cavalheiro, from the Laboratory of Chemical Waste of the São Carlos Institute of Chemistry (IQSC-USP) participated in the event; and Edson Gilberto Avansini, from the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Environment of the Institute of Chemistry (IQ) of Unicamp and the director of CERSusChem, professor Dr. Arlene Gonçalves Correa from UFSCar.

Models, solutions and challenges of the three universities on the subject were presented, as well as a constructive debate on the subject between students and teachers.