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Organic Chemistry – Structure and Properties of Organic Compounds

In this book, undergraduate students in Chemistry and related sciences will be introduced to the discipline Organic Chemistry. The topics developed contain introductory and fundamental aspects for a good understanding of Organic Chemistry, according to the didactic experience of the authors. The distribution and deepening of the contents of the themes of this volume were organized in a way that ensured that the teaching-learning process was built gradually. This process evolves from the fundamental concepts, involving the basic aspects of the general structure of the organic molecules, to the deepening of the other subjects related to the atomic and molecular structure of these compounds and their effects on the physical and chemical properties of the main families of organic compounds, which constitute the essence of life and are part of everyday life around us. Also covered were basic aspects about organometallic compounds, quite useful as synthetic tools, and macromolecules present in natural products.


Authors: Paulo M. Donate (Editor), Arlene G. Correa, Claudio Di Vitta, Flávio S. Emery, Giuliano C. Clososki, Luiz A. B. de Moraes, Massami Yonashiro, Rosangela S. de Laurentiz, Atheneu Press, ISBN: 978-85-388-0703-2