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CerSusChem was present at the SNCT in Araraquara revering Mathematics!

The National Science and Technology Week (SNCT) was established by the Decree of June 9, 2004. It is always held in October under the coordination of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication, through the General Coordination of Popularization and Dissemination of Science and has the collaboration of state and municipal secretariats, development agencies, scientific and cultural spaces, educational and research institutions, scientific societies, schools, government agencies, technology-based companies and civil society entities.

The aim of SNCT is to bring Science and Technology closer to the population by promoting events that bring together hundreds of institutions in order to carry out scientific dissemination activities throughout the country. The idea is to create a language accessible to the population by innovative means that stimulate curiosity and motivate the population to discuss the social implications of science, as well as to deepen their knowledge on the subject.

The official period of the 14th SNCT is from October 23 to 29, 2017 with the theme: Mathematics is in everything ".

In Araraquara, SNCT was held at Shopping Lupo and organized by the Araraquara Science Center (CCA), linked to the Institute of Chemistry - UNESP. The program included playful, interactive and cultural activities that permeated concepts, history and the presence of mathematics in everything and everyone's everyday life such as: Plato's Polyhedron Workshop, Magic Mathematics Workshop, lectures and movie show VerCiência in the movie theater, besides the beautiful interactive exhibition.

CERSusChem contributed with the banner "Mathematics: Sustainable Measures" that presented the E-Factor to the public, a metric to determine the environmental factor of chemical processes, the mathematics involved in this concept and the discussion about the need to implement chemical processes that are environmentally friendly.

The SNCT was sensational!

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