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Summer school short-course
Post-doctoral fellowship
Ph.D. fellowship
E factor: 25 years
Call for proposals
A more natural approach to catalysts
FAPESP Post-doctoral fellowship
Angiotensin converting enzyme immobilized on magnetic beads as a tool for ligand fishing
Sonochemistry in organocatalytic enamine-azide [3 2] cycloadditions: A rapid alternative for the synthesis of 1,2,3-triazoyl carboxamides
Magnetic ZSM-5 zeolite: a selective catalyst for the valorization of furfuryl alcohol to γ-valerolactone, alkyl levulinates or levulinic acid
Continuous synthesis of hydantoins: intensifying the Bucherer–Bergs reaction
Multicomponent Synthesis of Cyclic Depsipeptide Mimics by Ugi Reaction Including Cyclic Hemiacetals Derived from Asymmetric Organocatalysis
Comparison of the regiospecific distribution from triacylglycerols after chemical and enzymatic interesterification of high oleic sunflower oil and fully hydrogenated high oleic sunflower oil blend by carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance
Regulatory Framework of Brazilian Biodiversity Workshop held on 2/12/2016 at UFSCar
Researchers from Braskem visit CERSusChem
Centre of Excellence in New Target Discovery: a public x private initiative
Regional Chemistry Olympiad - Rio de Janeiro in 2016
Release of the book "Experimental Organic Chemistry: A Green Chemistry Approach", launched by Elsevier which was written by UFSCar teachers
Brazilian Professor wins the 2017 Elsevier Foundation Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge
PEF, a polymer from renewable resources, will be recycled along with PEG in Europe
Global project will help promote Green Chemistry in developing countries
Lecture - Renewable Energies and Green Chemistry - at the Pint of Science in Araraquara - 05/16 at "Quintal do Carmo" bar
Paper recycling activity carried out with elementary school students in the full time public school André Donatoni (Ibaté-SP) on 05/16
The Green Chemistry journal, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, releases a thematic issue on the use of continuous flow reactors in the pharmaceutical industry
U.S. EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Awards winners to be announced next week
CERSusChem offers course at UFSCar on the applications of sustainable chemistry in academia and industry
Post-doctoral fellowship in Organic Synthesis
Synthesis of nature-inspired materials using more sustainable approaches
Green and sustainable chemistry journals have their overall impact factors increased
EPA Green Chemistry Challenge: 2017 Academic Award goes to professor who developed method for recycling of rare earth elements
Researchers use cellulose to produce biodegradable microbeads
ETEC students from Catanduva met the Department of Chemistry of UFSCar
Dichloromethane as an increasing threat to stratospheric ozone
CERSusChem leadership meet Dr. Rajender Varma, an external member of the centre
Plenary conference in Chemical Education for the first time in a IUPAC conference
The 28th International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (PBA 2017) took place this year in Madrid from the 2nd to 5th July 2017.
Researchers develop new catalyst containing liquid metal to promote alkane dehydrogenation
ETEC students from Catanduva met the Department of Chemistry of UFSCar
Chemistry in Action - 2017 Edition
Metal-free catalyst, efficient for the conversion of carbon dioxide to fuels, is developed
Ladderanes, polymers that “unzip” under mechanical stimuli
Suzuki reaction promoted by catalyst produced from plant roots
Submissions open for the 2018 Elsevier Foundation Green & Sustainable Chemistry Challenge
CERSusChem has participated in the 14th Week of Chemistry of UFSCar
Integrated Education of Chemistry Center (CEIQ/USP) promotes 15th Regional Chemistry Olympiad in Ribeirão Preto - SP exploring the Green Chemistry thematic
Lecture – (Bio)transforming our world for a sustainable development – at the “WOMEN IN SCIENCE 2017 – Education without gender distinction” in Araraquara – 07/08/17 at the Institute of Chemistry – UNESP
Shortcourse – Green Chemistry in Pharma Industry - VII Pharmaceutical Congress of UNESP, 21/08/2017, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences – UNESP Araraquara
Lecture – The different shades of green of my Chemistry at UNICAMP - 47a Chemistry Week of IQ-UNESP, 19/09/2017, Institute of Chemistry, Araraquara
The book "Experimental Organic Chemistry: A Green Chemistry Approach", has been selected among the finalist of the Jabuti Prize
CERSusChem’s short-course on the applications of sustainable chemistry at UFSCar
CERSusChem second annual workshop held in São Pedro-SP
CERSusChem is sponsoring the National Week of Science and Technology
CerSusChem was present at the SNCT in Araraquara revering Mathematics!
CERSusChem promotes experiment in the 14th edition of the Circus of Science
CERSusChem was present at the V School of Chemistry Professor Ricardo Ferreira in Federal University of Pernambuco - Recife
CERSusChem promotes environmental awareness in the 14th edition of the Science Circus
Researchers from CERSusChem attended the X EBEQ
Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Organic Chemistry
Postdoctoral fellowship for researchers with experience on Organic Synthesis
Professor Luuk A.M. van der Wielen visit the CERSusChem labs at DQ-UFSCar
Organic Chemistry – Structure and Properties of Organic Compounds
CERSusChem was one of the sponsors of the Pint of Science 2018
FAPESP, GlaxoSmithKline Brazil (GSK) and Biominas Brasil have signed a cooperation agreement to support innovative research on health science
Workshop “policies for chemical waste management”
The 1st Brazilian Symposium on Sustainable Chemistry was held from October 1-3, 2018
CERSusChem researchers attended the 17th Brazilian Meeting on Organic Synthesis
Publication from CERSusChem researchers is on the front cover of EurJOC
The 2018 Green Chemistry Challenge Award winner offered a short course at UFSCar
Publication from CERSusChem researchers is on the front cover of Chem Commun
Post-doctoral fellowship in Organic Synthesis
PMI Predictor: a Web App Enabling Green-by-Design Chemical Synthesis
EduSCar - Educação de qualidade para todos
Inova Talentos Program has open positions
GC3 announced semi-finalists for the 4th Annual Technology Showcase
CERSusChem is initiating a new project on education and knowledge dissemination
Winning projects for the 2019 Elsevier Foundation-ISC3 Green & Sustainable Chemistry Challenge have been announced
US EPA has announced the 2019 Green Chemistry Challenge Award Winners
CERSusChem member has published on J.Am.Chem.Soc
CERSusChem publication is on the ChemistrySelect front cover
Short course: Process Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Manuscript published by the group of Prof. Braga is in the front cover of Eur. J. Org. Chem.
CERSusChem attend the National Science and Technology Week
Post-doctoral fellowship in Organic Synthesis
CERSusChem was the subject of the series “Science for All” in the Futura Channel
"Biomassa: Estrutura, Propriedades e Aplicações" book release event
40th Summer School on Chemistry
Embrapii approves proposal from CERSuChem researchers
Science for Life - UFSCar Alcohol Project
CERSusChem publication is cited as Hot Topic: C-H Activation by Wiley
41st Summer School in Chemistry “Prof. Dr. José Tercio B. Ferreira”
CERSusChem publication highlighted at the Organic Chemistry Portal
Development of antivirals for the treatment of COVID-19
UNESCO proclaimed 2022 the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022
The book “Biomass: Structure, Properties and Applications” received the 2021 ABEU Best Book Prize
5th CERSusChem Workshop
Phytoremediation as an alternative for metals recovery
PhD and Post-doctoral fellowships from FAPESP