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How to use it

System requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Mobile devices: Android, iOS

Browsers: Firefox (Recommended), Google Chrome (requires enabling Adobe Flash Player)

Network requirements: bandwidth 1 - 1.5 Mbps

Pré-requisitos Webinars

How to get access to a webinar (or webconference)

You will receive an invitation to participate the webinair or webconference via e-mail. This e-mail contains a https link beginning with

To enter the conference room, click in this link and follow the ensuing steps:

1. Type your full name in the number 1 field;

2. Click the “Enter” bottom;


3. Check your name and click the “Confirm” bottom;


4. When using Google Chrome browser, the following message will appear: "Click here to enable Adobe Flash Player". It is necessary then to click in the center of the screen and “Allow” in the upper left corner. This step is not needed if the Firefox browser is used.


5. After entering the room, it is necessary to choose between listening only or listening and speaking by clicking one of the following options:


6. May you choose to be a speaker, you need to give the browser permission to access the device’s microphone

6.1 Mozilla Firefox


 6.2 Google Chrome


 6.3 Opera


7. If the selection box somehow disappears or you want to change your selection after entering the webconference room, just click the microphone icon showed in the following image:


8. In order to enable the device’s camera, click the icon:


9. To enable or disable the device’s microphone at any time, click the icon:


10. To exit the webconference room, click the icon:


Video showing and overview of the system’s interface

Checking system requirements automatically

For conducting a check of the system requirements for accessing the platform automatically, click the link below; if all lights turn green, your computer has met the requirements. 

Additional troubleshooting 

In case you do not find the solutions you seek here, do not hesitate in contact us.